Last Years Miami Beach Film Festival Winners

North American Student Films

Best Special Effects Student Film, “Tesla”, Kamen Sway, Director

Best Director Student Film, Bryan Thompson, “Noventa”

Best Actor In A Student Film, Diego Vicentini, “Hey Dad”

Best Drama, Student Film, “Caliber”, Tanner Cusumano, Director 

Best Romance Student Film, “First Love”, Nicolas Raganato, Director 

Best Sci-Fi Student Film, “Model No. Human”, Adam Cooper, Director


Foreign Student Films

Best Student Comedy/Dramedy, Foreign Film, “The Little Dictator”, Director, Nurith Cohn

Best Actor In A Student Foreign Film, Emanuel Cohn, “The Little Dictator"

Best Drama Foreign Student Film, “Barriers”, Director, Golan Rise

Best Documentary, “Where Has All The Play Gone”, Kirk Simons, Director

Music Awards

Best Original Song, “Believe” Ender Bowen, Writer

Best Musical Score, “Trailhead”, The Rekteen Group

Platinum Award, Original Music Video, “Falcor- Alive”, Paul Jerndal, Director/Writer

Gold Award, Original Music Video, “Around Downtown”, Junette & Omar Reyes, Directors


On-Line Competition Awards

Best Narrative Feature Film, “White Powder”, Ronald Kaplan, Producer

Best Student Short Film, The “Tent Village”, Nilima Abrams, Director 

Best North American Music Video, “Dial Tone Music”, Junette & Omar Reyes, Directors

Best Foreign Music Video, “Ghar Jaana Hai, The Stories Untold”, Konark Sarangi, Director

Best Animated Short, “G.I. Hospital”, Jon Lewis, Director

Short Script Awards

Platinum Award, “Brew Master”, Kelley Jean Karam, Writer

Gold Award, “Becoming Lana Liu”, David Schroeder, Writer

Best Television Script “The Kosher Mutiny”  (Max’s Deli Pilot Episode), Jim Norman, Writer

Original Screenplay Awards

Platinum Award, “Were Teen”, Fiona Ross

Gold Award, “Lost Cause”, David Schroeder

Silver Award, There is a tie between: “Hell On Neptune” Robert J. Rogers

And “Black & White”, Dante Johnson

Bronze Award, “The Gingerbread House Protocal”, Gregory Barton

Florida Film Awards

Diamond Award, "The Ningyo”, Miguel Ortega, Director

Platinum Award, “Three Wishes”, Curtis Collins, Director

Gold Award, “Eyes That Have Seen The Glory”, Darren Murphy, Kedrick Anderson, Jeffrey Battie, Directors/Producers

Silver Award, "The Bright Side", Eric Alexander, Writer/Director

Best Visual Effects, "The Ningyo”, Miguel Ortega, Director

Best Actress In A Florida Drama, Judy Copeland” “The Bright Side”

Best Actress In A Florida Comedy, Marty Wisher, “Three Wishes”


Short Film Awards

Best Romantic Comedy Short, “Break”, Curtis Boggs, Director of Photography

Best Suspense Short Film, "The Last Degree", Edwardo Daniels, Director

Best Comedy TV Pilot, “Reality Disorder”, Gerard Bianco, Director, Nikki Gold, Producer

Best Actor In A TV Pilot, Mike Vezza, “Reality Disorder”

Best Supporting Actress In A TV Pilot, Sheba Mason “Reality Disorder”

Best Short Film Director, “Stolen”, Marti King Young

Best Short Film, “This Modern Man Is Beat”, David Schroeder, Writer

Best Historical Drama, “The Stairs”, Mort Laitner, Writer

Best Faith Based Drama, “Are You Listening?”, Emily Steele, Producer, William Archer Valenti, Director of Photography

Best Web Series Drama, “Chains That Bind Us”, David De La Fe, Co- Creator

Best Virtual Reality Short, “The Rock Presents, Escape From Calypso Island”, Scott Brown, Director

Best New Media Short, “The Rebeccas”, Bex Carney & Rebecca Leonard, Producers

Best Dark Comedy, “Mimi’s Misadventure”, Ashley Atwood, Producer

Best Fantasy Drama, “Gold” Gerrick Wilson, Director

Best Actress In A Short Film, Pia Isabel Vicioso-Vila, “Tears Of Joi”

Best Actor In A Short Film, Jordi Vilasuso, “This Modern Man Is Beat” 

Best Cinematography, "The Ningyo", Miguel Ortega, Director

Best Emerging Actor, Patrick Decile


Foreign Short Films Awards

Best Horror Comedy, “Return Of The Hat”, Alec Birkbeck, Director

Best Director, Foreign Film, "Redemption", Jaquim Haickel

Platinum Award, Foreign Short Film, "The Courtesy Of Angels", Valerie Theodore, Director

Gold Award, Foreign Short Film, "Right Here, Or Over There", Pauline Mabille, Director

Silver Award, Foreign Short Film, "The Opera Singer", Steve Kahn, Director